SEO Services



Our SEO Services in Dublin follow Google guidelines, by using black hat techniques will penalise your site. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is not magic or a quick solution instead involves a lot of work to in the long run (from 4 to 1 year) see results. SEO complements other marketing efforts. As the digital landscape gets more crowded and increases in a rivalry, SEO is a must.

SEO basically focus on 3 areas:

  • Technical checks, ensuring that your website has no technical issues that stop Google from accessing or indexing your content.
  • Relevance, creating content that your users find relevant and fulfil their needs.
  • Popularity, increasing the number of sites linking to your content.

To start, and after having our first meeting and knowing more about you and your business, we need to perform an SEO audit to acknowledge the status of your website.
Then SEO is a continuous effort that needs to be made to keep your website healthy and prominent. Our SEO Services can be adjusted to your possibilities.

Google How to Hire an SEO
The following video is made by Google to help business chose their SEO Services. We recommend watching it, as it is only 12 min. long and will give you an overview about SEO.